Literacy Week 2016

Holaaaa~ I would like to share you about our activities

From 5 – 9 September we celebrated reading in our annual school literacy week. There were many activities we had during the week. Some parents participated in reading stories in some classes, story telling from pricipal or VP, students swopped their books with their friends’, and costume!

We had wonderful times and activities in learning about Story. They have learned many stories such as . Through those stories, the children are able to identify different types of stories and to gain their understanding that they can use stories to convey ideas. We have the opportunity as well to watch a wayang performance, a traditional puppet from West Java. During the performance, the students recognized that story can be delivered in a different way, not only through a book or a movie, but through a story telling as well. What a marvelous experience!



(almost) end of school year

Actually we have approximately 11 days left of school. I am both thrilled and completely freaked out. This is my first year being K1 Head Teachers. Me and my partners walk a fine line of over scheduling our lives and our kids’ lives. I worry but I also know that I am in control. I can make a change if we’re unhappy. We forget that fact. If you’re unhappy, make a change. Onto the good stuff!

and this is it, my first post about K1 theme 4 activities.

Our last theme in K1 is about “Living Things”. We have done many activities to support this theme. We visited Severine’s house to see her pets. In the beginning of our theme, we set up  our mini project called K1 Mini garden; where all students planted seeds of different varieties. They learned to take care of plants by watering the kangkung, spinach and sunflower  everyday  The kids saw all of the seeds grow from seed to full grown plants.


We also had Pets Exhibition which was held on the last day of April. With parents’ help, we were able to have in our exhibition, pets  such as turtles, rabbits, a dog, fish and bird.


Our next project was visited Hypermart to buy fruits, vegetables and meat. All of these ingredients will be cooked by parents. We are all going to share the food through a potluck.



Okay, that is all for now. The next few days are going to feel like your birthday. We are definitely going to have fun!


Lia Tri

hello, I am a preschool Teacher

A little bit about me.

Hi, I am Lia Triherawati, you can call me Lia or Ibu Lia, I’ve been teaching preschool for almost 4 years in Sekolah Bogor Raya. Being a preschool teacher has been probably the most eye-opening learning experience in all of my teaching career.

Why I teach preschool?

Oh Well, its kinda hard to find an answer. When I first started on the teaching journey, I felt a bit lost. I come home from work sometimes so tired. I get kicked, spit on, bitten and scratched. Dunno what to do. on my first year I have so many questions.  I was give up back then. But I was thankful to meet some wonderful teachers who answered all of my questions. Ibu Eka and Ibu Mawar, they are my first mentors, I can never thank them enough for all their guidance! Being a preschool teacher is one of the hardest jobs that I have. It’s often exhausting and frustrating. I learn to take a breath before I respond to most anything. Easier said than done sometimes, though, I know.

After up and down and shake shake shake moment being a preschool teacher, so, here I am now, I love my job and learn more each year. I’ve read many Reggio Emilia books. I haI also love Maria Montessori’s theory. I am passionate about what I do and love to share this with others!

Every child has joy in them. It may be the way the crinkle their eyes when they smile. Or the way they understand my dry sense of humor. Or simply the way they grab my hand when walking to the common area/cafetaria/classroom. They’ll soon learn to be embarrassed and think before they speak. Little by little the world will chip away at their imagination. These tiny beings are very special – they’re people before the bitterness and inhibitions of adulthood sink in. We can learn a lot from them. Be mindful. Listen to what they’re saying.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or anything else you can contact me through email at and I will receive it directly!

thank you,

Lia Tri